Fall Birthday Card

Not every card turns out the way you want it to.  At least for me it doesn’t.  I’m taking The Holiday Card Workshop and I absolutely loved the snowflake card that Jennifer McGuire shared today.  This is my variation…


Things I discovered while making this card -

  1. I have no snowflake stamps.  Hard to believe, I know.
  2. I should have used Very Vanilla instead of Whisper White card stock with this color combo.
  3. I love the Color Spritzer Tool.
  4. I should have made the opening for the greeting smaller because I didn’t have a greeting stamp large enough to fill it.
  5. I love to stamp.  Even when my card doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned it.



  1. says

    Love your card! Personally, all the things you mentioned you would change, I kinda like about your card! I think the pop the Whisper White provides is great! I think the Very Vanilla might loose some of that pop! But thats just me! Happy Stamping!–EK

  2. Pat K. says

    It’s a great card. I like seeing the technique applied on a non-holiday card too. I really like your color choices.

  3. Lori B says

    This is a great layout and color choices! It is hard to believe you don’t have any snowflake stamps!
    Thanks for sharing your pretty card!

  4. M Lecuyer says

    I love the white and white space on this card, especially all the white around the greeting! Makes it stand out and then guide your eyes to the beautiful leaves above and below it :-)

  5. Julie S. says

    No snowflake stamps? Oh my! I could send you several and never miss them! I have way too many!
    But seriously…I love this card!

  6. Lydia says

    I like your comment at the end because thats exactly how I feel after I finish a card. I’ve enjoyed it making it and it looks great even if it is different then what I had in mind. Thanks for your ideas.

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