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Setting Up Your Stamping Space

Whether you have a full room, a corner or just a couple bins to hold your stamping supplies, it never seems like enough space.  Having too many supplies can actually bog you down and limit your creativity.

So what’s the optimal set-up for a stamping space?  Recently I went on a craft retreat where I had the set-up below.  I had an incredibly productive weekend – made 34 cards while taking time out to read an entire book!   It’s a personal thing, of course, but this set-up worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with you.

Setting Up Your Stamping Space

Must Haves for Setting Up Your Stamping Space:

  • A nice STURDY table.  A flimsy card table with a cushy top can kill your stamping. The table above measures 30″ wide x 48″ long and was a great size.  Not too small, not too big.
  • Good lighting.  Bad lighting can cause messy stamping and color combinations that don’t look good in the light of day.  Natural light is best, but can be artificially produced by natural lighting lamps if necessary.
  • Basic Stamping Supplies.  Keep your basic stamping supplies in a small pail for easy access.  You’ll want a bone folder, paper snips for cutting paper, craft scissors for cutting ribbon, adhesive and spray for your cleaning pad.  Keep your paper cutter handy too.
  • Ink. Having the case of Many Marvelous Markers handy means you have every color of Stampin’ Up! ink right at your finger tips.  When you purchase a color set of ink pads, they’ll come in a handy case.
  • Paper.  Card stock and Designer Series Paper can be stored in a variety of ways.  If you’re short on space, something like a file box can be used to store your papers.  Just try to keep your paper flat and not let them bend!  Easiest way to do that is to keep your box full. 🙂  Put the box on the floor to your right and you’ve got easy access.
  • Ribbon.  Okay, maybe this isn’t a must have for you, but I LOVE ribbon and use it on my cards a lot.  I have a ribbon storage box that holds all my ribbon in a mannerly fashion and travels well.
  • Inspiration.  Keep your Stampin’ Up! catalogs handy along with any other paper crafting magazines that you have.  Whenever you are feeling uninspired you can flip through them to look for layout or color ideas to get you started.
  • Stamps.  Of course you need stamps!  It’s easy to collect a lot of stamp sets, so it might be best to rotate your stash.   Clear Mount stamps take up less space and travel well.  Use a plastic shoe box to hold some of your favorite stamp sets along with your clear mount blocks.  Don’t forget to have a few good word sets.  My favorites right now are Teeny Tiny Wishes, Perfectly Penned, and Family Reunion.
  • Punches.  A few basic punches – like circles in a variety of sizes – add interest to your cards with ease.  These can also be stored in a plastic shoe box.
  • Small accessories that add a lot.  Stampin’ Dimensionals, Rhinestones, and sponges are all good things to keep handy.


Setting Up Your Stamping Space

On the Table: At the retreat I kept all my ink and my paper cutter on the table to my right.  In the center you’ll want your grid paper for stamping on, your cleaning tray and your basic stamping supplies in a pail.  To the left, ribbon and stamping magazines for inspiration.

On the Floor to the Right: Card stock and Designer Series Paper.

On the Floor to the Left: Stamps, Clear Mount Blocks, Punches and a bin of other small accessories.


Hopefully these tips help you set up your stamping space for optimal stamping time.  We’d love to hear how you set up your stamping space.  Please leave a comment and tell us all about it!



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  • Billie says:

    Thanks Jessica. I really appreciate your sharing of your stamping space with us. I could not believe the picture. Surely, it is not that neat and organized all the time. LOL I am fortunate to have an extra room which I claimed to be my own for my computer and my stamping. It even has a built-in bookcase, can you believe it! I have put file cabinets and roller bins with plastic drawers all around the wall. Which, of course, means I have too, too much stuff. I think when we start a hobby, we think we need everything; and end up using only a small amount of it. Much like my husband does with fishing gear. In the center of the room I have a card table which I do my creating on, and when I am in a creating mood, it stays a mess. Whenever I put something away, I have to get it out again. Are all of us like that or am I just messier and more lazy than most. Anyway, I wish more of you would blog and show pictures of your working space. It is a problem for everyone and maybe we could pick up ideas that way. I am looking for something small to store my dies and embossing folders. Thanks/

    • The picture is of my stamping space on a crafting retreat… my home stamping room is definitely not that neat all the time! You are very blessed to have an entire room for your supplies. Sounds like you are pretty organized yourself. 🙂

    • Billie says:

      Thank you so much for your reply. I had never thought of using plastic shoe boxes for my dies. I have a lot of them too. I got rid of a lot of shoes when I retired and they are sitting collecting dust. They are also easily stackable. Yes, I am fortunate to have a room for my crafts and computer. I try to organize it, but whenever I do; I decide to make something and there goes the messy again. Are any of us good at cleaning up after ourselves. My husband made a comment today and I told him he was welcome in my private room anytime, but he was not going to tell me what to do in there. I don’t tell him what to do with his garage or when to clean it up. Talk about a mess. Do men ever clean garages?

  • LaVonda says:

    Thanks for sharing your space. We just moved and I have just switched my room due to a house being built and changing my scenery. I had energetic turquoise walls now they are calm green. I still have things to do but here is my start. I like my supplies easy to grab and take. I use to craft with ladies at church. No matter the size of my room/table I always end up with just a small space to work due to items on the tables. I tried to add photos but not sure how. I used the IKEA cube shelves. Makes it easy to compartmentalize. I have a table for the Cricut and Big Shot. Stamping supplies on one side with more scrap booking supplies on the other. Going to hang pegboard to hang punches and ribbons on the wall. A work in progress.

    • Jessica Taylor says:

      A calm green sounds lovely! I’m the same way when crafting – my work space keeps getting smaller and smaller. 🙂 A pegboard is a great idea!

  • Laurel says:

    “Having too many supplies can actually bog you down and limit your creativity.” A truer statement about crafting has never been written! I am finding myself with too many supplies on hand right now and who can blame me? There are so many incredible supplies on the market! I will soon be doing a COMPLETE overhaul of my craft room and will be very critical of what comes back into my space. In my crafting world, more is definitely not better!
    Thanks for this great blog post!

  • Michelle says:

    Billie: I use plastic shoeboxes for my embossing folders. I keep the cards from the package with the name of the folder, and use them as the file dividers between folders to make them easy to find.

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