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Tips for Lining Up Paper

IceCream Cone Card

Paper Sizes:
Blushing Bride card base: 4-1/4″ x 11″
Watermelon Wonder: 3-1/2″ x 4/1-4″
Ice Cream Cone Paper Strips: 1″ x 4-1/4″

Tips for Lining Up Paper:

  • Good lighting is key! Poor lighting can throw shadows across your paper that can throw you off. What looks good in poor lighting will look totally off center when it sees the light of day. Make sure you have lights coming either straight from above your project or from both sides. Ottlites are great for crafting.
  • Start from the outside. When you are taping down three paper strips like this, start with the two outside strips first. Tape them the same distance from the outside edges of your card stock mat. Then it’s easier to tape the middle strip an even distance between the two.
  • Keep the border the same width all the way around. On this card the paper strips extend all the way to the sides of the paper. If you want a border all the way around, it’s easiest to line up your elements if the “mat” or border is the same width all the way around.
  • Use grid paperThe lines on grid paper will help you line up elements in a straight line. Make sure you place your project so the sides line up with the grid lines on the paper. You can also place a ruler across the top of your project for even more precision.
  • Until you’re comfortable lining up your paper, start with a more forgiving adhesive that allows you to move your elements around if needed. Some forgiving adhesives you might want to try are Multipurpose Liquid Glue or Glue Sticks.

This fun ice cream cone card was from a card set I made using the April One Sheet Wonder Card Club template. Depending on the pattern of paper you use, you can make a card with just one strip or use a bunch of them together like I did on this card. Join the club now to download the template and get started turning your 12×12 pretty papers into cards fast!!

Supplies Used to make this card:

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